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Xperia Mini Pro Questions

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Hello :)

Just purchased a SK17i Xperia Mini Pro Black Version that is locked to 02 (UK network). I am obvously new to all this stuff but do have a basic understanding but here are some questions:

1) I am thinking of waiting until Android 4.0 is Officially released by SE to update my phone (btw, anyone know when the update is coming). Was wondering when I update will I still be able to root my phone?

2) When I root (if I can) I want to install Set CPU to overclock my phone. However I have heard this drains batteries? Is this true and if so how can I make my phone faster?

3) I need to unlock my phone. Can this be done for free after rooting? If not, can someone link me to the cheapest place I can get this unlocked from?

Thanks in advance to anyone that answers :)

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