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Wireless router signal

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Can anyone advise me here?. I have a wireless Netgear router/modem supplied by Sky, it is set up in a room at the rear of the house and connected to my computer.

Unfortunately there is only a narrow corridor linking the rear and the front of the house which is the main living area.

I use my Galaxy S around the house but the wifi signal always weak in the front rooms.

I have been thru the channel change feature and believe I am on the best setting.

I do have Ethernet cables installed thru to the from room which are connect to the sky box and my TV.

Can anyone suggest the best (and cheapest) method to improve the wifi signal in the front of the house, I have looked at repeaters, range extenders, but they seems to be so expensive.

I am thinking of just moving the router to the front and using one of the installed ethernet cables to link back to the computer. But would prefer a good signal through out the house. Which is a bungalow by the way.

Thanks for reading.


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