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Orange updates

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Doesn't seem to be any posts on here, am i the only person with a Lumia 800???

Anyway, just after i had had my phone for a couple of weeks, Orange sent me a phone update, which now appears to be a down grade! the functionality of Blue tooth connection has gone really bad, as i remember when i 1st paired anything the phone asked what the pairing was, eg. headset, car kit or the like, this is now not there? which i only figured out when the coonection to my hands free in my van keeps "dropping in & out" most annoying!! Also it appears Orange have also removed the phones usefullness to be a WIFI hotspot and modem?? the internet sharing option has been removed from the settings menu???

Does anybody have any words of wisdom, or advice on how i can fix these issues??

THX in anticipation.

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