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Cannot Connect to Mobile Network

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Hi All

I have just upgraded to 2.37 successfully (Screenshot attached).

My problem is that I am unable to connect to (or find any mobile networks). I have tried to search manually for a network only to receive an error message "error while searching for networks". I am unable to make any calls due to "mobile network not available". As you can see from the screenshot I have no signal bars with an x above them. I do not have any APN's entered as of yet, however I do not believe this should be a problem as APN's from what I understand are only for mobile internet and MMS.

I have not used this phone for a while and only turned it on for the first time in some months today. And the same problem was occuring in version 2.32, I was hoping 2.37 would solve the issue but it has not.

WIFI and all other phone functions are working. Has anyone encountered this problem? I am starting to think it is a problem with the handset.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.




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I had the same problem on the Orange Network - I rang customer services and they sent me a new SIM card.

After waiting 24hrs I still was not getting any signal so I decided to restart my phone.

When I did that all went back to normal.

So if in doubt reboot :rolleyes:

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