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Need help! Phone not booting. Internal memory full....

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I need some help.

I use Link2SD and moved some apps back from SD to internal without looking at the free memory.

Suddenly the phone gets VERY slow, and I see I only have ~1MB internal mem left. Since the phone was not responding, I tried rebooting.

Now the phone doesn't boot any more (boot-loop at the nice Gingerounay video).

Can I somehow delete some file with Clockworkmod Recovery (adb?).

I tried to do that, but I can't cd into /data, and the "uninstall" command is not found......


You have to mount the /data and the /system partition before you can access them. That can be done easily from CWM menu.

Now I only need to get the phone working again....

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If you have installed a recovery try to wipe the user data, but you will lose all your app...

I know. But that's what I want to avoid.... :)

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it's happened to me too three times.

One I wiped the cache with V6 supercharger (i use it now but never wipe it), the other times I don't know what happens...

well you could boot your metal and wait for 10-15 minutes on bootscreen.... If don't boot, ok I don't know any solutions...

but if it 'll boot (very very very slow) wait another 10-15 minutes after boot


you should delete all the app you have linked than you can reboot and reinstall (reboot sometimes, don't install 50 app in a row (made a backup with titanium backup or simil if you have)

or another really risky way (I've done succesfull this way two times)

1) uninstall the big app linked or on the phone and absolutely uninstall the

2) open link2sd and link the app you find (you could don't find all the app)

3) reboot and wait, have patience... you restart from

"well you could boot your metal and wait for 10-15 minutes. If don't boot, ok I don't know any way..." at the top of my post

Do this again and again until it's back to normal

any way need a great patience. Surely you'' not brick the phone...so you can try!!

ps. I'm not a programmer and sorry for my bad english...

hope I've helped you

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mount data

go to data/app (cd data/app) and issue ls to find your apks, then rm cmd to del it, then wipe cache, it won't affect ur data.

@all: Thanks for the replies. Unfortunalety deleting some apks didn't help. Still wouldn't boot. So I did a fresh install of the system...

@lens_flare: That's exactly what I did. Was nice to work with the shall again for a change. Has been a while. :)

But I learned one important lesson: Never play with your system without a nandroid backup! ;)

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