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Unlocking a TMV for an idiot!

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I'm trying to unlock my TVM, it's got clockwork recovery on it and a debranded ROM. Bouncer's guide says I need to reinstall a stock ROM.

Has anyone got a working link to the file(s) required, and can someone guide me through how to reinstall the stock ROM bearing in mind I'm a simpleton with an IQ of about 2. Alternatively if there's a new better way to achieve the same result it would be fantastic if someone could enlighten me.


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The debranded rom IS the stock rom, just without all the bloat, which you can re-install from the market if you really want. The signal booster is also here (If you're on Orange). So, you're rooted, with less bloat and a rom that's ready to go, what more do you need? :)

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