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Rooting with Win XP sp3.

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Ok, firstly i tried following Paul's rooting guide but my pc won't recognise the device when the phone is switched on holding the volume down (bootloader mode).

So from advice from another user, i went here to get win xp drivers: http://developer.and...dk/oem-usb.html

Then i selected Huawei downloaded the HUAWEI Android Phones USB Driver from here: http://www.huaweidev...do?method=index

Installed that exe file but then theres a message saying for xp you have to use activesync.

I go to microsoft and find that activesync won't work with xp sp3! Arrggghhh!!!!!

Then i read that an older version of activesync will work (4.1.0) so i install that.

Now i go to device manager which is showing Android device with yellow question mark (at least that's something) and try to update driver but it doesn't work because the android win xp drivers i downloaded aren't recognised.

Need some serious help with this one please.

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grab a live linux distro like ubuntu, put it on usb or cd run it live, download the super recovery, follow linux instructions, reboot pc, go back to xp sorted?

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