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Ebook Making andoid game with Andengine

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Now, when the eBook http://www.amazon.co.uk/Learning-Androi ... 143&sr=8-1 was released, there were several people on this forum asking for the ebook for free.

Now im not going to give you the book! but i will give you a link to a website that you can get it for "free" by fulfilling a few offers, and then earning points to buy it from Amazon


Now, if you sign up at that website, confirm your account and start doing some surveys etc, you'll have more than enough points in no time, to buy the book! this way the author gets paid, you get to earn the book for "free", and everyone is a winner icon_e_smile.gif

I ordered the paper copy of the book through Points2shop, it came today icon_e_smile.gif

Heres the proof!


PS. Those that have signed up, ensure you verify your accounts and do some offers! it took me 2 1/2 days to get enough points for the book.

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