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[ROM]Perfomance Rom VERSION MIUI (1.0)

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Before presentgare the rom I want to thank 3 people

Pinguy (The Creator of Rom)

Technolover (Kernel Fantastic inclused in my rom)

Giulio2727 (Beta Tester)

Why I created this rom if there is already a quasi-official MIUI? Because there is a bug in the rom official of the sim from 128 kb and not all users can use it quotidianamento for this bug so I've tried to include the major features of this rom MIUI


All Features of Perfomance Rom by Pingguy (thx to Pinguy)

Launcher Style Miui

App very important inclused of Rom

Launcher very fast and customizable

Lock Screen of Miui

Bootanimation fast

Bootanimation of xiami one

Modified the framework with UOT

Browser Miui very fast more of stock

rom perfomance rom version miui (part1) (Download)

framework mod (part2)(Download)



All 3 wipe

Install perfomance rom version miui (part1)


Install framework mod (part 2)






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The rom is great and really fast...

but some of the text are in chinese... is there a way to change everything to english?


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the problem is the launcher in the next realese I'll try to solve for the launguage

Thanks :D

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Performance Rom 4.2c has been released and it has some pretty major changes to it to improve performance so you may want to do another release using 4.2c.

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In the next version update app pinguy I think a question how does the bravia engine and the AGPS patch in the rom?

Can you reword that? I am unsure what you mean.

The bravia engine and the AGPS patch does work really well. Here are all the changes. V6 SuperCharger & Kick Ass Kernelizer being the biggest changes to the ROM.

  • Installed the Google Talk with Video chat.
  • Beats Audio added (to get the most out of Beats Audio turn on Dolby Mobile in settings and choose Auto under Music EQ).
  • aGPS installed for improved GPS so you can lock onto more satellites.
  • improves video processing.
  • V6 SuperCharger fixes many of the Android memory problems and speeds up the phone.
  • Kick Ass Kernelizer
  • 3G TurboCharger

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Good afternoon guys.

Is there someone using this miui with app2sd? i couldnt install it, and i'm out of mind. can someone help me? I can't find a real good guide for newbies like me! i tried 3 times with windows, but when i connect the device, my command prompt said "device not found... adb bla bla bla.."

Thank you!

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