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Problem reply/forwarding email stock rom

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First off, I have no problems sending or receiving. I have checked this problem on friends' mobiles who hve either GB or ICS, but the problem seemed to show up on Samsung Android phones only (GB and ICS). I myself have a stock ICS 4.0.3 on my Samsung S2.

My issue is that for the love of god (even after seeking for answer extensively), I cant not find a solution for the following problem:

When I reply or forward an email, the original email is included. But... it only mentions the following:

Originalsender <emailaddress> wrote:

Original email

Instead of what I need (not want, but I need to have the original date/time/subject in the reply/forward):

---- Reply Message ----

From: Originalsender <emailaddress>

Date: date and time of the original email

Subject: Originalsubject

To: Originalrecipient <emailaddress>

Original email body.

Is this a problem / setting / issues / feature of the stock email program?

I do like the stock email probgram, as I have all my accounts in one spot. I dont want to go and use Touchdown for Exchange (3 accounts), 2 gmail accounts in Gmail, a seperate Hotmail program... and you get the idea.

Am I so blind that I'm missing a little checkbox somewhere?

Thanks for the help!

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I have exactly the same problem. But my wife's Galaxy S2 which has also been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich will show the original email when replying. I have compared her settings to mine and they are identical so I am at a loss to know what happened. Obviously it is frustrating trying to reply to an email which you cannot read except by saving your reply as a draft and then opening the original email you are trying to reply to.

Whilst my wife's reply function works well, when she accesses the Sent label she cannot see who she has sent the email to, unlike me where I can. Her Sent box only shows "me" as the sender. We never had these issues with Gingerbread.

I am hoping someone might be able to shed some slight on these strange happenings.

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