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Camera Test

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I find the camera really confusing: sometimes the images look fine, other times they are blurred, and then again they can take a truly surreal quality like an oil painting, or look like NTSC television. I am pretty convinced that the firmware is part of the problem, but I wonder whether there is a way to fix it.

Anyway, for a start I tried to find out whether the sensor actually has an optical resolution of 2592x1944 by taking a few pictures of a resolution test chart. This is not the most precise test imaginable, but I found a horizontal resolution of only about 900 lines or 1800 pixel, while the vertical resolution is only about 650 lines or 1300 pixel. Diagonal resolution is worse, as is to be expected with a Bayer pattern sensor, but the drop is actually slightly less than expected.

So overall this is a slightly confusing result, but it confirms that something is wrong with the camera resolution.

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