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[APP][FREE] TV app prototype - feedback request

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I would appreciate any feedback on this TV app.

It is for keeping track of particular shows. Ideal for those who watch shows online. It is not a cable TV guide etc! Everything is cached so it works offline too!



* Notifications before episode airs.

* Home screen widget.

* Time zone conversion.

* View what's on by week.

* View all episodes by season for show.

* Swipe when viewing an episode to go to next/previous.

* Manually: add shows to google calendar, sky+ remote record via sms (uk shows only).

* Keep track of watched episodes.

Download APK

Installation notes:

Important: on first run please let idle on home screen for 1-2 minutes while list of available shows is updated in background. ignore any 'application is not responding errors'.

Would appreciate any feedback by taking this questionnaire

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