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Cornish Chris

Screen Keeps Needing Calibration!

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Hi all,

New to the site so hello to all!

Just got a replacement (refurbished) Vega back from my insurance. Obviously came stock so went straight to modding it.

Only problem now is the screen is next to useless. I've been back to modded stock to recalibrate and that seemed to work first time but now they doesn't to seem to work correctly and each time I flash I seem to either have no touch screen or just the left hand side (which is a pain as the apps button is on the right!)

Any help would be great. I'm no computer dunce but then again I'm not even close to you guys who mod this stuff so any help no matter how basic would be appreciated.



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Hi Chris welcome,

Most of the refurbished tablets where returned because of Touchscreen problems. This is not that much of a big deal in most cases as the Dixon's retail group didn’t know how to fix the problem and just re-flashed them and sold them again. Fortunately a lot of these refurbished tablets can be returned to functionality.

First thing to try, you will need to install a shuttle test ROM that will correctly calibrate the screen and hopefully solve the issue.

There are a few more steps to it than that but you can read this thread to get the full details of what you need to do with the test ROM and links to download the ROM.


If the test ROM doesn’t help there are a few other tricks you could try (most not for the faint hearted) or a replacement touchscreen but try the test ROM first. Read all the test ROM thread as there is info and working download links later in the thread (it's not too long).

Good Luck


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