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SFII meets RoomBot

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A Java chat/cam site I go to went belly up 3 weeks ago. A temporary IRC site has been set up with Flash Cams and I got my user room going again. Unfortunately when the room empties the room (channel) vanishes from the list and folk being folk only go to rooms they can see, though it would open for them. So I pondered a little then I pondered some more.

Finally IRC was installed on my SFII. I made a nick called RoomBot and registered his nick then set a ChanServ room bot to set Operator status on him every time he entered the room. Next I set the Android IRC program to auto rejoin if the server refreshes or kicks and the connection is severed. Three kicks and it stays disconnected though I can alter it I won`t, for safety. I can disconnect from the phone at any point and I get the room logs too. I also set the RoomBot to auto log in and confirm its identity itself so it gets Auto OP status. At the same time I set it for AWAY so it gets no email messages and shows a message showing its a RoomBot and not for chat.

The server owner is going to set up something with the ChanServ to keep rooms open. But until then this little experiment works. I feel that while the phone is switched on at night and/or charging it may as well be doing something constructive. Its also given me a chance to see how much power its using and in 3 hours its dropped from 83-79 so its not doing badly. As I say, just an experiment, by someone who loves geeky stuff. Their are proper Bots to do this but Server owners frown on their usage and sometimes ban people for using them. As this server owner said, he doesn`t want 100`s of IRC Bots on there to keep rooms open when he can set ChanServ to do it instead.

EDIT: Running on FnC R6 this phone has had WiFi switched on and kept my IRC room open for me since 10pm last night. It's still open now and running at 7:55pm and the phone has only dropped from 83 to 63 on battery power alone. Almost 22 hours so far and it will deffo get through another night too.

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