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What order to do things? User guide would be good.

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When i first bought the g300 i eventually managed to root it, but needed lots of help.

Since then i've been regularly watching the forum, holding back from updating anything the minute it's posted just in case there are any bugs.

Anyway, now i'm a bit lost by it all and could really do with some kind soul making a user guide - it's not just what to do, but in which order to do it that's also confusing.

Since the root method i've seen stock roms, factory roms, custom roms, de-branded roms, clockwork mod, ICS, b884 and b886.

I remember using the San Fran guide and thought it was superb. I'm sure someone from modaco wrote it. http://www.sanfranciscoandroid.co.uk/

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Can I just second that request?! I too have been holding back doing anything as it all seems a bit confusing at times, and sometimes a lot of 'previous knowledge' seems to be required. I successfully unlocked and put a custom rom on my OMC as some kind souls did a somewhat foolproof guide to show how to do it.

My main gripe with the G300 is the low volume problem, and would dearly love to get it fixed, and it seems that these b884/886 roms may sort that, but am wary of bricking or otherwise screwing things up.

Yes, sorry, am a total newbie still, so be gentle with me... :)

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my personal order of doing things

1)install pauls root to standard vodafone rom (reboot fone)

2)install clockworkmod (CWM) then make a backup of the vodafone rom (reboot fone)

3) update to b884 or b886 rom (this fixes the sound AND debrands phone from vodafone) attention it removes ALL VODAFONE STUFF - read the enclosed instructions

4)reinstall pauls root mod - roots phone again (reboot fone)

5)if required reinstall CWM to allow you flash any rom and make backup ( i now make a debranded backup -once phone set up via CWM)

its possible to miss out no.1 if you know how to fastboot install CWM but best for Noobs to do in that order shown.

Please REMEMBER this works for me but you DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK

my phone is unlocked (specailize ebay) and remains unlocked after numerous flashes back and forward

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I tried and failed to complete section 2 cwm,so ive got no chance!

If you did step 1 ok then just replace Pauls recovery super recovery image with the clockworkmod image and edit the windows .batch file to the name of clockworkmod image

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i had problems installing cwm until, like nexuxones post says, i realised i needed to change the name of the clockworkmod imgage file. it worked a treat then.

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