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Android market and build.prop

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Hi Guys,

I have just recently baught one of the elf tablets and upgraded it to the elvish 0.3 rom. I have market access and everything seems ok, except google hangouts and google talk dont work.

The thing I noticed is that in google market the device is showing up as GT-I9100 - ie a galaxy SII - I assume this was so that we can access the market and various device limited apps. However since the GT-I9100 has two cameras, and the Elf only has one, I suspect that this is causing the issues with hangouts.

so a few questions:

1. Is there anyway to fake two cameras? (ie make some kind of symbolic link from the front camera?)

2. Can I alter the build prop to match the Iconia A200 which only has one camera instead?

3. What do I need to do to re-register as a new device? Do I just need to reboot? or do I need to do a factory reset?



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