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Adding .so files in /system/lib

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One of my hates of Android had to be the lack of wma playback something my mp3 player and Sony Ericsson phone was very good at handling.

I can probably guess the reasons why though the idea of using a propriety format an open source platform just doesn't mix although some manufacturers have licensed it for their Android phones.

There are a few media players that support wma like MixZing however this involves transcoding with ffmpeg which is heavy on the CPU and bad for battery life.

So I was surprised to find out while playing around with the Android SDK emulator that Android 1.6 was capable of supporting WMA playback with the stock player.

I had a quick look in the lib folder and found what I believe is the wma decoder file: libomx_wmadec_sharedlibrary.so

This gave me and idea, what would happen if I copied this library file to my Android phone would I gain wma playback with the stock player?? needless to say it didn't work.

I'm not sure if I have to somehow register the library file or get it authenticated (like signed APKs) before the Operating System will accept it, this is something I'm still not familiar with.

Any ideas how to get to use this library file or have another suggestion that doesn't involve converting my music collection into mp3??

Richard S.

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it has to be built for android version you are using mostly, you cant just take a lib file from 1.6 to 2.3, even 2.2>2.3 doesnt work... try googling for libOMX.TCC.wmadec.so for gingerbread. might ease your issues lol

inb4 why not convert your library to mp3?

edit: i actually just checked, there is both wma and wmv (libOmxWmaDec.so) in my cm7 folder so thats somewhat supported, as for shared libs, dont have them sorry

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