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Webtop2sd 2.0.1 with Precise

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I don't own this device yet but I will do very soon. I tried posting this on XDA but the site has logged me out and I can't get back in so am posting here.

Been looking around at rooting this phone and seeing what I could get out of it if I did. Nothing has really interested me to the root the phone. I would of rooted it for CM7 or MUIU roms but as I am getting the Laptop Dock with the phone I wouldn't be able to use the webtop as both of these roms don't have that feature.

When I was looking into the Webtop I came across this post about installing ubuntu apps onto webtop. This did get me interested. Looking into it this seem like it only works with a very dated version of Ubuntu (jaunty) because this was the last version that had armhf support.

As Ubuntu 12.04 was just released I decided to see if this version has got a armhf repo that could be used, and indeed it has.

deb precise main restricted universe multiverse

deb precise-updates main restricted universe multiverse

deb precise-backports main restricted universe multiverse

deb precise-security main restricted universe multiverse

deb precise-proposed main restricted universe multiverse

The really cool thing about this repo is it has apps like XBMC that should just work with the device.

And then it hit me. This must be the repo that the Ubuntu for Android that Canonical was showing off a few Months ago must be using.


So I decided to have a dig around the repo when I came across this: abootimg.

Android devices use a special partition format to boot any

operating system on the devices. These boot-images contain

a kernel image, a ramdisk, optionally a 2nd stage boot loader

and the commandline passed to the kernel when booting.

The original mkbootimg from Android can only create these images

where abootimg can also extract and modify them.

Handling android boot images is necessary when bringing other

operating systems to android devices.

So this is a pretty good tell tell sign that this is indeed the Ubuntu for Android that Canonical has been demoing.

As I have said I don't own the device yet but if someone wants to check this out to see if this is indeed the Ubuntu for Android repo that would be awesome.

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