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[Theme] ICS style Settings screen for Swedish Snow 7

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I've been following http://forum.xda-dev...php?p=24317850# and modded the settings.apk from Swedish Snow 7 to give an ICS style to the boring settings screen. Its by no means an exact replica of ICS but I think it brightens it up. It goes well with Sami_22's ICS theme.

The first version I've attached is my own optimised version, which has MDPI and non-english resources removed (I like to run a smaller system partition to give more space to data, so need small system apks).

Version 4

Included swipe-able settings tabs as created by CoD <DJ> http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1900505



English Language only: http://www.mediafire.com/?h3dlrqhsoikg23i

Screenshots of version 4



Version 2 (labelled as version 3 in the filename :S)

Changed the wifi and bluetooth into toggle buttons, similar to ICS, instead of opening the wifi and bluetooth screens.

Moved the rom settings and voice settings into the system category.

Re-added language resources, making the file twice the size of version 1.


Version 1



Version 2



Version 1


ClockworkMod flashable zip (ignore the status message about flashing PDroid - I just reused the installer script as I'm lazy).

Version 2


Again ignore the Pdroid message when flashing.

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I have installed v4 and i dont have the tabs on top

Can anyone help me? pls

Which version did you flash, normal or english only?

Did you receive any error messages on flashing?

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How can anyone still be using this prehistoric rom when there are so many more advanced options like CM7, CM9, CM10??? Mindboggling.

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Agreed, there are plenty of more 'advanced' roms, but this one is gingerbread so has fully working camcorder, hardware video decoding, is pretty much bug-free and doesnt have any unecessary features that I don't need. Surely thats not too difficult to understand?

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