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Eye Strain Problem with G300

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This is an unusual problem i have with this phone. As soon as i got it i noticed the scrolling on the G300, whether in a browser or not, is very fast but not as smooth as other phones i have tried. It is skipping a dozen pixels or so between each frame of movement when you scroll the screen. This is too many pixels to skip and is giving a slight jerkiness to the scrolling.

Is there any way to make this scrolling smoother by making the phone skip fewer pixels between each frame of movement?

My Orange San Francisco is much slower but the scrolling is smoother in both the stock rom and in cyanogenmod 7. It is smother because it is not skipping as many pixels when you scroll the screen. All this jerky movement on the G300 is giving me eye strain. I never got that with the OSF.

Is there any way to make the G300 behave more like the OSF by making the scrolling smoother?

Has anyone seen any difference in the smoothness of the scrolling when using another ROM?

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I noticed this on the original ROM. It was more evident while 'dragging' as opposed to 'flicking'. I remember being a little disappointed with this over the San Fran it replaced. Since istalling the unofficial b888 ROM the scrolling is much smoother.

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