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Simon O

ZTE Tania, budget WP7 device announced. Coming February 2012

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On the 18th of January 2012 in a not-so-secret location in West London, ZTE announced the Tania - it's first Windows Phone 7 device - with a lavish and loud event headlined by Professor Green, who has recently completely a UK tour sponsored by ZTE.

The device itself is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon S2 CPU (MSM8255) with 512MB RAM and a 5MP camera. Screen resolution is the standard 480x800 but sadly it's a TFT and not an OLED screen, to keep costs down. Storage though is a small 4GB with 2GB usable. With no expandable storage on the device this could be a downside to many potential buyers, however it is clear that ZTE fully intend for this to be a budget first time device and could very way pave the way for more powerful higher end ZTE WP7 devices in the future.

As this is a budget device the rumored contract price is a low £10-£20 per month which means the Tania could very well become as sucessful as the likes of the ZTE Blade, which was a huge seller for Orange both on and off contract. However the choice of operator is rather confusing as ZTE have decided to partner with the smaller Virgin Mobile to carry the device in the UK. Would the low price be enough to temp people to join Virgin Mobile?

Off contract the phone is expected to come in at around £250 based on prices announced by retailer Clove. However it is likely that other retailers will also sell the device once available from UK distributor Brightpoint so I expect we will see the device under the £200 mark.

Rumours are floating around that the device may also be available from Phones 4 U, however these are purely rumours at this stage and if we get any confirmation we will certainly update you all.

Finally the device will be available in the usual white or black and Clove say the phone will be available from themselves from February 13th.

Sources: SoMobile, Clove

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