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radio for ot-995

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a new model one touch 995 is now available. however in Turkey to aviod additional telecommunication taxes the version sold in turkey does not have the radio feature.

can someone recommend a radio apk that would work with this device.

or can someone upload here the radio application of 990 so I can try if it works with 995?

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I guess that app needs to be executed in system with proper file mods.

At the very end, we need to be rooted for great things to come to this handy.

An Antivirus app, an always-running office suite, some variations of sync utilities that almost no one will ever use, some-I dont know what-BT service and many more.

Phone comes with all these unnecessary loads of apps preinstalled; baked into the rom so we can't remove them w/o root.

What a shame ALCATEL / TCT. What, a, shame!

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