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Acer lock screen and low internal memory issues

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I have a rooted Acer Liquid MT with the official Acer 2.3.6 ROM.

1 / Sometimes when I start the phone, the widgets on the Acer lock screen are not displayed, the screen is blank. It is then necessary to go into the lock screen configuration and change the position of widgets so that they appear again.

Is there a way to avoid this?

2 / Since I use Link2SD, I no longer had any concern for low internal memory. But for some days and while it remains more than 70 MB free, the message "low internal memory" associated with its notication icon appears at start. At this point, it seems to remain only 15 MB of free internal memory, however, soon after, free memory goes back to more than 70 MB and the message disappears.

Anyone know what's the origine of this ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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there should be no relation to the clock speed ;)

to 2)

the problem is, that the libraries of the apps are unpacked at every boot and link2sd notices that a bit too late. You can manually copy all apps again onto 2nd partition with link2sd, that should help.

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Thanks a lot for your answer ! :)

I'm not sure to understand how it will solve the problem : why a new copy of all apps would speed up the unpack ?

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