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Stuck at the bootlogo: Flash with fastboot?

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Hey guys,

my buddy gave me his old SLCD Desire to fix. He's been using CM7 with it and some day all of a sudden, it wouldn't boot anymore (stuck at the HTC logo). If you're trying to start it with [Power] + [VolDown], it will get into the AlphaRev CM7 r2 menu (hboot? I attached a screencap) but not into recovery from there (will be back stuck at the HTC screen).

What's still working is the fastboot access. I was able to find out it'a a o2 branded device (by using 'fastboot oem boot'). ADB won't recognize it, neither does Unrevoked3. I tried reinstalling the RA recovery image using '

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

' and it seemed to work, but I am still unable to get into the recovery menu though.

I also downloaded the stock o2 froyo RUU, but it wouldn't find the device in fastboot mode either.

What did I forget to mention? He doesn't have a goldcard (of course :-/ ) and when you're connecting with fastboot, it vibrates randomly (I suppose around 6 times)

Is there any chance the old banger will be brought back to life again? Or is it a hardware issue (since it stopped from itself, not because of a bad rom flash) and it's scrap?




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