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S2 wont power on

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Hey guys,

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S2 that was being charged the other day with a faulty charger (the wire was cracked so it would sometimes work while it wouldnt at other times.

There was a pop and the phone switched off. No smoke came out of the phone and there is no visible burns on the outside of the phone nor on the inside.

The only slight damage to the phone was that one of the joints on the usb port (the one that has a white arrow pointing at it) seemed a little bit black.

So I ordered a usb flex cable (2.3 revision) off ebay and replaced it but it still wont power on.

I've tried inserting the charger with and without the battery.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Just a couple of other things, when I tried inserting the battery the other day, the white backlight would flash once every time the battery touched the contacts on the phone.

I tried doing it after inserting the new USB flex cable and this no longer happens.

When I insert the charger into the micro USB port there is a very feint whistling noise being emitted from the charger (this doesn't happen when charging my Orange Monte Carlo, the charger belongs to the latter phone but the volts/current rating is the same)

Can somebody help me diagnose the fault? :S



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It sounds like a burnt main board. Your best bet is to take it to nearest Samsung service center and have them check it out for ya. If it's the main board then you better off getting a new phone, coz it's not gonna be cheap to fix. Remember, never use a damaged charger to charge anything. You were lucky that you phone didn't blow.

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will the Samsung boys check my phone for free?

also, I posted about another thread about a friends water damaged s2. I have since purchased this off him so I can salvage the parts from this water damaged phone and swap them around with my blown up S2.

I've not managed to have a look at this phone, but it does accept power, though the battery gets very hot.

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