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Android logo permanently fills screen

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Hi guys :)

Can you please help me with advise or point me in the right direction?

About 8 months ago, I bought my brand new rooted Gen 1 Orange San Francisco installed with Swedish Spring from eBay. It worked perfectly fine for a few weeks, then I found that the individual contact ringtones that I had set up stopped working & the phone automatically used the default ringtone. This didn't really bother me, I took it as just a small niggle for such an amazingly feature rich cheap mobile. Then four or five months ago, intermittently, it started soft resetting when I was viewing images in the Album. Then it started resetting when I viewed images online, these resets became increasingly frequent, to the point where I was expecting a reset everytime I viewed an image. Then recently, it started resetting with no real pattern, it could be when I was setting a reminder or entering a note.

I did a bit of research to see if anybody had the same problem & if there was a solution, but to no avail. Being an IT Consultant & therefore presuming it would not be a difficult task, I decided that it was time to re-flash the ROM, so I spent two days backing up everything to my SD Card manually, as I don't trust automatic procedures when all of what I do is stored on the phone. My first problem was that I could not find a working link for Swedish Spring, or any working links for highly recommended ROMs for Gen 1 models for that matter. So, the friend who recommended the phone & who also had successfully installed ROMs to a number of Gen 1 San Francisco's, gave me the ROM he used, which was Japanese Jellyfish RLS9.

Never having carried out the procedure before my friend suggested that in part, I use this tutorial:


Upon completion of this tutorial I got an Android logo filling the screen. I waited for about forty minutes before deciding that it was a failed install, so removed & reinserted the battery & rebooted. Now, pressing the power button always shows the Android logo filling the screen with no change. Incidentally, I can get into ClockworkMod recovery.

In desperation I have spoken to these guys:


who have told me that the phone is recoverable but they need all the details of the original rooting procedure. I could try to contact the guy I bought the phone from & see if he will give me these details, but I'm loathe to spend money on a solution that I may be able to carry out myself.

I would greatly appreciate any help that you guys can give as regards getting my phone, which I rely on heavily, up and running again.

Thank you in advance.


Just a quick update... the above situation has now been remedied thanks to a lot of other patient & knowledgeable forum members :D Thankyou guys ;)

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