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Serious Problem (SD Download Mode)

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My Liquid metal is stuck in the SD Download Mode after I tried to flash Stock ROM with ADT after a Bootloop when trying to update Performance ROM.

OSBL Version SSS=A4-03.08.04 #0 #0 #0 #0

All-in-1 image /mmc1/acer_ug/acer_xx/ACER_L~1.BIN was found siz=220531438

SD Image Download Procedure...Failed!Read File Fail, please restart again.

I know theres another Thread here but there is no helping Answer neither here nor Google.

I tried different SD Cards, Different ROM's, formatting.

I dont know that to do so im looking forward to send it to Acer.

Will they repair it?

I got it since 4 Months from Amazon, Expansys Shop.

It was rooted, is this a problem?

Guys i love this Forum, and hoping that someone reads this and get me the awaited Answer.



Ok since i cant find any solutions i will send it to Acer.

Read somewhere that they have to change the Motherboard.

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