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[APP][FREE] S.A.M. Set Airplane Mode

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Hi guys, I finally released my first app!

S.A.M. allows you to activate and deactivate airplane mode at fixed time saving battery, useful for example if you want to

use your smartphone as alarm. ( Alarm doesn't work if the phone is OFF )

I know.. there are a lot of app that make the same thing but mine is free, easy to use and has these plus:

- App activation depending on the day of the week

- Edit wifi status, ringer mode and audio volumes when activating / deactivating airplane mode

- If the phone is ringing or you are making a phone call S.A.M. delays the activation of airplane mode till the end of the phone call




This app is a workingbeta, I'm using it since march on my phone ( Liquid with LiquidNext CM 7 ), but I need more feedback ( specially ICS feedback ! ) ... testing would be very appreciated!

You could test it setting close times and checking if ariplane mode is activating and deactivating properly, if you like my app it and you use it regularly.. many many thanks!

In fact my fear is that S.A.M. stop working after one or two week of use, in my case never happend but you never can tell.

Play Store Link: https://play.google....mVtb2RlLmFwcCJd

Don't hesitate to post any (positive or negative) feedback or opinion!

Thanks in advance ! ;)

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new update!


- fixed day check with start time < end time

- fixed start and end time shown in settings

try it !

hi !

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Wow... I've been using this for a few weeks and I use this to turn airplane mode on @ night. This has saved 20% of my battery overnight! I love using apps that I find on modaco, they are usually a tiny package but so powerful... :)

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