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Updating CWM v4.0.1.4 to

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CWM Recovery v4.0.1.4

Ice Armor III

Trying to update to CWM v5.5.0.4

Tried using Wacky.ddw's guide


Part 2c) Updating or changing clockworkmod

This is the easiest way to update clockworkmod if your allready on a custom ROM, or on rooted stock firmware. If you are not, then please read part 2a or part 2b first.

Download "Terminal emulator" from the market: LINK

Download on of the packages from the download section of this tutorial, and copy the recovery.img to the root of your SDcard. (Or any other skate compatible recovery)

Open the "Terminal emulator" app and type this without the " " signs:


"flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img"

It should say writing to block xxxxxxx, but sometimes it only shows a square. In my expirience if it doesnt give a error your good to go. Reboot into recovery and see if it worked.


Got error.. Tried it a few times.

I've noticed in CWM Recovery v4.0.1.4 that there is an apply update option and that asks for an update.zip. Any idea where I could get that?

Thanks guys.

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Which image file did you use? I don't see any at the end of Wacky's guide. Also, what's wrong with CWM 4.0.1.x? I don't really see why you would upgrade.

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Just thought it would be good to have the most recent one. Bought my phone used and ur came with it.

I downloaded the file from near the top of his post near the top under the table of contents. Just tried the.link today and the download is not at the link anymore.

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Okay I figured out what's wrong, been a long time since I first installed CWM. The package you downloaded is to install clockworkmod using Windows. You should follow Wacky's guide in part 2b, not 2c. The file to install CWM you're interested in is "0_install_CWM_recovery.bat". You should just run that when you're ready There is a readme file in the zip you downloaded that you could use as a guide as well, but Wacky's guide is more elaborate.

If you want do this, be aware that:

- You should have installed the adb-drivers first (all of that is in Wacky's guide)

- You will probably have to install a new rom, so backups could be handy

CWM 4 works just as good, but if you really want the latest version, here you go :).

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Latest clockworkmod doesn't mount sd card

In other words it's not worth it

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