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Wheelie: Nvflash for ASUS Transformer B70+

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AndroidRoot.Mobi is proud to present Nvflash for B70+ devices!

After far too much cola and far too many long nights hacking away and bit twiddling, we finally have the solution.

Wheelie is an nvflash pre-loader that boots the tablet into an nvflash ready mode that lets you use regular nvflash commands (with -r prepended!). In the long run it will be an open-source nvflash reimplementation similar to heimdal for samsung devices.

Details and download are available here: http://androidroot.mobi/?p=331

DISCLAIMER: All use of this program is your own responsibility! We will in no way be held accountable if you somehow manage to perm-brick, set on fire or blow up yourself, your tablet or your house!

This work has been brought to you by the following people:

Bumble-Bee, IEF, kmdm, lilstevie & RaYmAn

NOTE: any donations should go to http://androidroot.mobi/donations/, not our individual accounts!

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