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Official UK/Ireland ICS firmware released

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Samsung has now released the UK/Ireland version of ICS for both unbranded (XEU) and Carphone Warehouse(CPW) handsets and updates are available via Kies (ODIN/Heimdall compatible ROMs will likely be along shortly in the usual places)

  • UK/Ireland/Carphone (N7000/ZBACPW)

  • UK/Ireland/Unbranded (N7000/ZBAXEU)



I don't think we've seen an LQ2 version before and this has a build date in build.prop of 22nd May which I think is a week later than the LP9 versions.

No word yet on whether this features the Superbrick bug but I'm assuming it does until it's absolutely confirmed otherwise.

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I've downloaded and installed the unbranded ROM via ODIN. All seems to be alright apart from the TW launcher kept stopping, so I've put Nemus in. Everything works OK.

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