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SMS Problem

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hi all,

i have omnia i900 with a very strange problem.

the mobile was working fine and flashed it many times using windows XP with no problems till i flashed a ROM (one of Yonn ROMS) using executer to split the rom files & another program to flash which i don't remember its name now ..i used this method since i had my laptop upgraded to windows 7 ( the first flash using this method) , once i finished (which is simple steps though) suddenly the sms stopped working..when mobile is in standby (screen is off) and sms is received, the display lights up and that's all...no indication on wm6.5.

when i press the messenging icon the mobile stops responding for few seconds then nothing happens...and it does not open even to write a new sms

i tried other ROMS (ock,.....)....6.1, 6.5...with windows 7 method and even tried with windows xp by just running the exe file but still the same problems

any idea what happened and how to recover from it ?


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Can you use other network functionalities like calling, and internet?

Maybe you flashed its phone ROM, or you need to flash it's phone ROM.

yeah everthing (Voice calls & internet) is working fine. only sms and emails are not working

i even tried executing the file tmail in windows directory (i think it is somehow related) but it does nothing...no response ...just like i did nothing

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