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The Greyness Theme From SuperSkill

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Hi everybodysmile.gif

I released this theme at XDA in first place, now I wanted to share this at MoDaCo too, I think MoDaCo deserves more attention. I hope rom chefs and kernel devs also will begin to release their work here at MoDaCo. MoDaCo was the first place I used and paid for to be a part of in the name of flashing our o2x which has been a good phone finally thanks to all the chefs and kerneldevs who has done so much to make o2x worth still having. Under are a copied text from my post at XDA:

You might have seen this theme in my friend Carburanos Django Manouche Transformation Pack Deluxe or in his 1.2 rom. Now it`s time to release it in an own tread.

I`ve decided to call it The Greyness Theme and it`s ment to be dark, as little color as possible and I wanted it kind of neutral and minimalistic.

Making this theme would not be possible without these fantastic developers and users of XDA:

Carburano - You have been a great inspiration and you have helped me along the way to a complete theme, thanks for all you`ve done for me and for making this theme what it became. I can`t say how much I love your roms, WOW biggrin.gif And your kindness makes you a true friend smile.gif

Spica1234 - You have believed in me since I first gave you a link to try. Your ability to create innovative work is something I admire, Your kernels are the very best biggrin.gif You have encouraged me all the way and you always reply and helps. A true friend smile.gif

Marsou77 - You have given me permission to use some of your beautiful Prada Icons. Great work you`ve done. The last month I`ve got to know you, a true friend too smile.gif

Divyan - You have helped me testing my theme in a serious way. You`ve found issues that would not have been found otherwise. You are also a true friend smile.gif

I also wanna thank Gabriesu(I don`t know you, but I used your Swish theme a while ago, and that made me think of making a theme my self), Bir92 for a little testing and of course Ferrum Master who tried the theme released at Django Manouche 1.2 and was honest when I asked for his opinion. A true friend too and very important for all our magnificent developers with his tecnological knowledge and of course his knowledge of software.

To all of you mentioned, this would not reached the sun if you were`nt here. I can`t thank you enough.

Without honestly feedback, where are we going? If I forgot to thank someone please pm me so I can correct it.

Making a theme ain`t to difficult, but it sure takes it`s time. I`ve been working on this since february(I think) and without patience it`s impossible.

If I forgot to mention you, please let me know so I can correct this post wink.gif

And the link for downloading at mediafire:


I hope you like it wink.gif BTW it`s made for 20Q framework. Should also work at 20 R,O framework...LG launcher included, but it also covers the Xperia Launcher well(my favourite launcher).

Apks included:



























Feel free to pm me requests as I will continue to make another theme smile.gif

For screenshots please look down wink.gif

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Great work....I have downloaded the theme and I am going to flash the same and will report feedback...I like colours but i like people who are genuine, who are true like Carburano, Spica and you...good people matter and colours come with them....life is colourful cause of the goodness we create and not cause of just the colours...

Thanks for the hardwork mate

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Also you Carburano, always a good guy who knows what friendship are about.

Ferrum, yes we are here as well, on time we get this site back on track, nice to see you are still visiting, please continue to do that mate :)

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CAn you post some screen shots?

Hi, sorry, will do on in the coming weekend, nightshift at work, my daughter birthday, and my theme must update to 20S as well. But by the weekend it will be posted some shots. Every icon are greytoned to make it as minimalistic as i felt possible and of course, i dont like the colorfull themes, nor cloned themes from ics(i want real stock ics) with all respect for those making them, its a lot of work :)

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