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Professor Frink

Official ICS OTA now here in the UK 5th June

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I have an unbranded Orange Note too and upgraded to the ICS .03 version. I am getting crashes when posting on FB, Tapatalk and Jorte. So something strange is going on. I have also seen the lock screen pixelation and I am not that impressed with the battery life. It also seems a little laggy on occassion. Sadly all of these have been reported as ICS upgrade bugets on the Note :(

Hopefully they will ship an update shortly, I read that .04 is coming out for the S3 to improve stabilisation, so maybe Note user will receive that too.

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It was happening to GoCommute and several other proggies. I managed to revert back to Gingerbread last night and I am all happy, no crashes, faster and less battery drain :D

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