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Android 2.1 Corrupted/Retarded Sync Preventing apps? This time important?

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So this Is a Horrible Horrible problem,if I don't get help here I might never even use an app on my android Again.So what happened was rather strange,sync was activated that time I went to a shop to do some stuff on my phone,but the person who worked there tried to use an email "[email protected]" on my phone that i completely don't know the password of.Now,whenever I try to open Android Market it pops out a login box like this:

You entered the wrong password or

your account has changed.Please re-

enter your password.


[email protected]


[blank Space]


This "Crap isn't letting me enter one of the most important things on an android phone.

Then I went to settings/Accounts And Sync and i looked up that dang [email protected] sync gmail account,it said that sync was off on it,and I tried to Remove Account and it said:

This account is required by

some applications.You can

only remove it by resetting

the phone to factory defaults

(which deletes all your

personal data).You do that in

the Settings application,

under Privacy.

What the heck do i do.Can i delete it in a way.Or is there another method of fixing this?Because I disabled Background data,it didn't work,enabled it it didn't work.Did the same with Auto-sync,didn't work.

Help me guys!

I called the person at the shop and he acted weird like he knows but he said he doesn't know anything and hasn't done anything :P


I don't know if this is the right forum/section or not but i really need help.Move It if you need to.

Thanks a bunch

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i don't know how true the story is or anything but i feel i should help.

easy solution is to factory reset.

you haven't listed the phone model or anything.

i beleive the easy way to reset your device would be in settings, security or something. i haven't used 2.1 in a very long time.

it would also help if you did actually tell us what phone it is

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T-Mobile Pulse Mini Android 2.1 .I posted this so ill find a solution,well if i dont get a solution,ill have to do the risky thing....Root.....

No factory reset there is one million solutions there is a easy one witch is just Reset Google apps from manage applications but it didn't work for my and now i cant even find the app in manace applications :D

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I'd go to the shop & throw a wobbler at the staff who hacked your account, in front of all their customers (not sure how they can change your password, though). If you think the shop did something wrong then take it up with them!

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