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New chinese ROM with Supercharger V6 and Zipalign !!

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I have found this new chinese ROM with these amazing features:


All credit to :



Google Translation:

ROM Profile:

Big Brother Big Sister: Brush and be sure to restart once! Keep this in mind! ! Some oil a brushing machine signals do not have to restart. No signal will need to reboot, but since the launch of the optimization script. The next run is very stable.

Package to extract the end based on the latest official B892

Guarantee without any built-in software is absolutely clean! !

Modify the boot screen from blue maple can also modify the first screen! ~ Huawei the LOGO to get rid of the glare of Unicom's Wo (would like to thank the small crazy technology)

The second screen to modify the boot of Ascend P1, animation, very gorgeous!

Streamlining of all do not need custom software, so your little cleaner! Replace the 3D browser for fast map browsing (Figure fast)

Add to Huawei P1 extracted flashlight

Sony engine, reduce noise

Optimize the camera shot imaging

To join zipalign, optimize all of APP, more power, reduced memory usage

Updated HOSTS personal production, shield almost all ads

To join SuperCharge V6 optimization program, your ROM smoother

By adding a series of INIT.D support (G script, Internet speed optimization useless LOG shielding, etc.)

Add GPS positioning optimization

I hope we can find new things here. ;-)

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