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New chinese ROM based on official B892 with ADW launcher. Kernel support Swap file

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I have found this new chinese rom based on official B892 with Kernel support Swap and with ADW launcher.

All credit to:





Google translation.


The ROM is completely unpacked under linux, is not most people restored using recovery package to create, so clean and complete!

B892 official firmware update:

An optimized LCD initialization sequence

Preview the probability of emergence of the vertical bar

3.U8818 turn off the sound side, the parameters together into

ROM characteristics

1 to recompile the framework framework, from the original 10M volume is reduced to only 7.9M, reaching narrow the available memory on the purpose of saving.

(2) global transparent, which is a whole through the official the rom. The Gangster decompile the effect of a long time, we feel as the non-replacement icon beautification.

3 Huawei desktop, ADW Desktop, the GO desktop three together and to like different versions of the oil!

APK file odex of, and increase zipalign optimized to enhance the speed of system and software, while optimizing the system, faster.

5 increase fanq1ang function can be on youtube, facebook, twitter, and so on.

(6) Change the boot animation, by deleting the shutdown animation. Boot animation for the native Huawei boot animation is dazzling.

Superuser. Has been updated to 3.07, by adding the root privileges, and joined the RE Manager 2.20 perfect Chinese beautify version.

Kernel unlock, support the SWAP, but no built-in set SWAP software, such as the need to open a can refer to the online tutorials related to SWAP Post.

9 to optimize the power system is more energy efficient than the original!

10 help you rearrange the the Huawei desktop icon.

11 default kernel to enable USB debugging mode, the role we know everything.

12. First enter the system, optimizing the system files, the script, the first boot speed will be slower, but to enter the desktop, and then restart once can make you feel flying in general speed. (Brush the first time into the desktop, be sure to restart a cell phone)

13 to add voice-driven installation speech software can be used directly.

14 no overclocking, does not change the virtual memory, there is no change other settings. Keep the official authentic.

15 reserved system of Huawei's original signature, no increase of the personal signature

16. 1% of the electricity did not do landscaping, this will be very power-saving After Gangster test, so that at least saving 20%.

17 integrated system of programs to uninstall the software, you can uninstall unneeded system programs

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