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Searching for a game like Sims Castaway

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Hello everyone.

I really enjoyed the Sims Castaway on the PS2 for a long while and am looking for a similiar game to play on my HTC Sensation.

I've tried "The Island: Castaway" from G5E but found it too easy - basically it's just an interactive story.

Youda Survivor doesn't even come close.

For those of you that don't know Sims Castaway:

You have a group of 1 to 6 persons trying to survive on one or more islands after a shipwreck. You need to collect food and building materials and need to craft items and shelter.

In the late game you can build a big, durable house, have a garden to crow crops in, even find wild boars and chicken and go fishing and craft shirts, shoes and trousers and color them etc.

What I would like is a game that gives you an equal freedom in the game, but without too much artificial easyness like "combine fish with fire, get enough food for two weeks" or "food never spoils and you can access thousands of items anywhere you go".

Does anyone know of a game like that for Android? Or maybe at all?

Kind regards,


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