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High Battery Use

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I found another interesting bit about the high battery use. It only happened a while ago, and I think it is related to a specific game. When I run this game, the speaker is turned on for the music, but when I stop the game, the amplifier stays on. You can hear a faint noise coming from the speaker, which is not present before running the game.

I checked the game permissions, and it only has network communication and phone ID, nothing about setting the power management. So this seems to be a bug in the system software - maybe even the kernel. As a consequence, I think the audio amplifier stays switch on even though it is no longer needed.

The battery use shows mainly Phone idle and Mobile standby - nothing unusual. But I am not sure it is reliable, because it may not be aware of the fact that the amplifier is still powered on.

Can anybody confirm this behaviour? This is with B885 - and I think it was not an issue with B882, although I could be wrong.

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