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Complete novice- Need an O2 rom for Orange San Fran 2

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Hi Guys.

I purchased and unlocked an Orange branded San Francisco 2. When I purchased an o2 tariff for the phone I was unable to get any internet usage. I took the phone to an o2 'guru' who told me that I needed to get an o2 rom on the phone. He couldn't do it for legal reasons. I then took the phone to an unlocking shop and they told me that they no longer provide this service as it 'messes up their hardware'. Can any of you good people advise me as to how I can possibly do what I need to do from the internet? Please bear in mind that this is my first smartphone and I literally haven't got a clue what your different terms and slang words mean. I wouldn't even know what leads I may need to use so please give it to me in laymans terms. I am a quick learner though so hopefully will catch on quickly.

Thanks very much.


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I don't know anything about the San Francisco 2's roms. However I would advise you to ask in the zte cresent fourm. (They are the same device) if you need any help getting there- device specific android phones -> zte -> Zte cresent and post a new topic

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