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Orange "San Diego" unlocking: count me in as a helper :)

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Hey guys, long time no browse ^_^

I would like to offer my help in unlocking the Orange "San Diego" phone. I was oblivious to its' existance until today... and it looks VERY impressive! Is anything known about this platform at the hardware/SIMlock level yet?

Please, tell me how I may help :)

## NOTE ##

If anyone would like me to get a San Diego to start hacking immediately, send me a donation and, once I receive enough to cover the handset cost, I can purchase one immediately and work on the SIM unlocking, if that sounds reasonable? I don't have enough cash right now, but I am more than happy to pay for the investment by providing any help I am able to with hacking this beast :D

God bless you, thank you.

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Hi Glossy,

San Diego has its own forum, but you any good with kboot?

Was ist das? lol...

I have no idea... but if you show me some info, I can work it out :)


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