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Hi there,

Just thought I'd post to say my G300 arrived. Really really pleased with it so far.

Interestingly mine came with B885 already on it and was locked to Vodafone.

B885 seems good. I like the stock ROM. Is this the best one for me? If I remove all Voda crap will this be as FAST as any other ROM??? Or would I be better off with B888? What do people think is smoothest as a stock ROM?

B885 is great, but if there is anything smoother/faster (888?) then I'd be interested in giving it a go. Do you think Huawei will release B885 in the UK officially at any point???



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b888 is NON reversible, can i ask you to install clockwork mod (see help i cant do this guide no.3) and make a backup of your b885 rom and upload it to rapidshare before you alter/ update

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