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Upgrading From TYTNII - Is Windows Mobile the way forward

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Hi there. The touchscreen on my trusty TYTNII has stopped working, and it's finally time for me to upgrade. I've resisted upgrading up to now, as the choices of OS have left me feeling unsure where to go next. Programmes from Windows Mobile 6 won't run on Windows Phone 7, so I've stayed with what I've got. My favourite "app" is my Pocket Commodore 64 emulator. I know it's old fashioned, but it transports me back to the 80's when I fancy a blast from the past. I feel I'd be moving backwards to lose Manic Miner and Bruce Lee! I've researched and found various Android apps with various reviews that leave me unconvinced, as the Windows Mobile 6 version works flawlessly, and the TYTNII has a joystick which seems missing from most modern devices. Can't find any evidence of a C64 emulator for Windows Phone 7.

Does anyone here know of one, and if so, is it any good?

I also value the ability to sync with Outlook on my PC running Windows XP, and a media player that plays wma files.

So, to correct the slightly misleading title of this thread, is Windows Phone 7 the way forward for me, or will I need to migrate to Android?

Thanks and best wishes,


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