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New chinese ROM for U8818 (B892 optimized)

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All credit to:


ROM features: interface Huawei styles; large available transport deposit; a substantial increase in performance; stable and smooth;

1.CPU automatic frequency, off-screen reduced to 245M (power), lit the default 1G (smooth);

2.fps default unlock 3D scores of 900 or so, to improve game performance;

The battery icon to restore the default for Google 2.3 green signal bar and WIFI usually white to green when the background data (see screenshot);

(4) by adding the Google framework and contacts, calendar synchronization, some games need to log in to Google account to open the background data, play a game TX understand;

5 framework and system APK do odex merged space-saving ease of management shortcomings just brushing machine for the first time to open the opportunity to slow down a bit (the first brushing machine into the system will automatically generate ODEX);

(6) touch-screen control sensitivity optimization;

7.gps acceleration; not elaborate on the general settings of the Host automated ad shielding;

Substantially streamline the commonly used built-in programs and services, you want the program themselves;

Repair the occasional unlock Caton and vibration, the original had this problem;

10 directly install the software by adding an optional built-in memory and external card options;

11 to streamline Google to increase the memory footprint, provided separately to streamline the Google suite, need own brush into;

12 internal Zipalign optimization;


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Yes, looks very good. Specially that improvement in wi-fi signal strength.

I remind you that I still don't have time to test it myself , I will tomorrow and I'll try to log all day in search of possible malware. So watchout for possible malware. Use logcat and search for mobiclickagent references.

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If/when you do test it, could you post a result in antutu benchmark for me? I would like to see how fast it is compared to other roms. Thanks in advance :)

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Well I'm sorry I will not be able to test chinese ROMS anymore (I just sold the G300) cause I'll soon be a proud owner of a Zopo Zp 300 :D It has been really fun messing with G300 ROMS, is an impressive phone and I recommend it 100% . I got the Zp 300 only cause It have frontal camera and a better screen (LG 1280 x 720), 1 Gb RAM. I don't play many games though so for me is not an issue that GPU is a little downgrade than G300 GPU.

Although I don't have the G300 anymore I'll try to post chinese ROMS if you demand it, no problem. ;)

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