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[ROM] harrybao_TMV_r3b by iharrybao [daily use]

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hello to iharrybao :) just like to say a big thankyou for the Custom Rom :) much appreciated.

I was using Fish'N'Chips rom for about a month or so, but had to remove it as it kept restarting my phone randomly and cutting off calls. So i did some searching on modaco for another custom rom, ive tried CM9 but didnt like it much, CM7 seemed reasonable but still i had issues with that. Then i came across your Rom :D i was a bit dubious at first, but thought why not :)

Anyway installed your rom Via Clockwork along with the stock Vivacity Kernal from a post somewhere on modaco, and everything works perfect!!!

Was slightly spun out after first boot with foreign text but it auto changed to English so bonus, after changing location settings and customising the look etc i tried the Camera (Front & Back) both worked fine compared to the above mentioned roms with the non working or upside down cameras. Your Rom is very quick loads up in seconds, and everything like i said works :D the keyboard for messaging is perfect (for english dictionary press the 'Abc' button) after some messing say about 2 hours of installing apps and fiddling lol :D im very very satisfied with this Rom, and i think its going to be a permanent rom for me.

48 hours of use so far and still no issues :D 10 out of 10 for this rom :) much appreciated. iharrybao

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@Timmy123 hire is OverClocked kernel for SFII >>>

And hire you have stock kernel for SFII>>>

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ahh thanks dimi89 :)

iv been using this rom alot lately and i think its probably the best so far. much more functional and stylish than the fish n chips rom

only two questions now :P

i flashed the overclocking kernel, i understand it alows you to use an overclocking app if wished, but did the kernal ramp up my clock speed by default?

also i cant find the boot animation zip when looking through the phones files (i am rooted) as i wanted to change it. whats it called? or has it been intergrated / cant be changed?

thanks :D

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I decided to test this out whilst I was at work today and so far it's good. Just going to mess around with it a bit more and it might become my daily rom!

Good job.

Just wondering if it's possible to change what it says at the bottom of the notification drawer (Where it says 'Atomic')?

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I've been runnig this ROM for the last two weeks and it is AFAIK the best GingerBread ROM for the Vivacity. Thanks iharrybao!

Only two things I had to fix: had to add the SIM toolkit (thanks Raverrrr!) and change the keyboard app (no biggie, just sayin').

Great work!

Hi Josef....

Can I ask where you got the stk.apk?? is it the one from Fish&Chips 7??

and is it just a matter of copy/pasting it into /system/app, and setting permissions to rw-r--r-- ?? without any other installation??

Also, can the Root File Manager be replaced or made show English in menus and prompts??

Same to a lesser extent to the Xperia Launcher, which also shows quite a bit of Chinese, with no option to change to English as default....

Also, how about MD5 Checksums for the downloads, and some more details as to what is included in the ROM??

I know your Chinese Harry :) , but I thought this was for daily general usage?? I'm Irish!!! :ninja:

But, very good, fast ROM, and definitely better than F&C 7....hope you don't mine the small criticism.....

[bTW.....FNC 6 was great] peace raverrr, etc :P

Edit.........just to say that the stk.apk from raverrs ROM [fnc7] worked as described above....

and I replaced the Chinese File Explorer with ES File Explorer (Root)...

I may replace the Launcher, but for now, I like the Xperia launcher.....can this be got with English language as default??

Also installed alternative KB.....ICS from Market.....but still have the original as I don't know what would happen if I uninstalled this system app???

I used SystemApp Remover for the above tasks, which allows you to remove system apps, and replace with downloaded user apps.....

BTW......the over clock kernel and No Frills CPU should also be recommended, with CPU Spy....

My settings are......

1.018GHz....no resets


SmartassV2 Governor

Noop scheduler

And it flies!!!!!!......Battery seems good.......for this phone!!!!

I will report further if I find anything new to report......cheers!!!!

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hmmmm im struggling to find the download link for this rom... currently on FnC 7, but want to try this. can someone provide a link to this rom? Thanks

EDIT: sorry.... was looking from a work pc and certain parts of the first post were blocked.... sorted now :) will flash later

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Hi all

I am hoping someone will pick up this thread again

just got a used Vivacity and it's already rooted

just installed this ROM because all ICS / JB ROMS tried either have no camera no bluetooth or the home hardware button does not work

so this ROM looks and feels just fine - except for one small issue - the backlight for the capacitive buttons only seems to work if I cover the proximity sensor, but in dim light the backlight for the buttons does not work

any ideas how to fix this?


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Hi elitom.

I'm watching this thread because I'm on Fish-N-Chips7, and have wondered if this might suit me better. However, I've not yet tried it.

Have you ever tried recalibrating the proximity sensor? I can't find that setting anywhere in the ROM I'm using, but it was available in CM7 ICS I had on a few weeks ago. I had found that the proximity detector was not seeing that I had moved the phone away from my face, and the display stayed off. After re-calibrations, it was perfect. That setting seems to have persisted despite the factory reset and new ROM install.

Maybe I'm wrong, but if it does persist through the process, then putting another ROM in, with the setting available, recalibrating and then going back to harrybao might work for you.

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Can anyone, using this ROM, tell me if the reboot to recovery works?


It's just that, I've build a ROM and I've modded everything in order to get an extended power menu as well. Screenshot works fine, reboot also, but reboot to recovery simply reboots the phone when it should reboot into recovery.


I've reviewed all my code and it should work.


Can anyone just confirm that, while on this ROM, the feature actually works as it should?







Solved it.


Created a new code, following a guide on XDA.

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I'm on the crescent, flashed the overclock kernel.
In comparison with other roms like rootbox, slim bean or cyanogen, this one is smooth. So smooth I don"t care about dozens of optionss anymore because it is FAST and battery saving. And it is pretty damn good to have a front cam when it comes to use apps like snapchat
In the other hand I use a 160system-2cache-278data partition, (from amphoras tpt) and it seems that I cannot install apps from the play store (titanium backup works fine though). Does this rom redirects cache partition ? might be the problem. I'm gonna flash a 160-40-230

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Use cache fixer in the market before downloading and installing via Google play or just use a different app market like aptoide.

There is a problem when downloading apps that exceed the cache size when using play on gingerbread.

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OK, so I finally moved from F&C7 to iharrybao's ROM,  should have done it a long time ago!  Superb, so far (only a few hours yet :)  ).  Just wanted to say thanks for doing the work in this ROM.

I did at one point get stuck in a German keyboard translating to pinyin and had to get out of that by guesswork, so it had to go!  I've installed SystemApp Remover and IceCreamSandwich keyboard from the play store, and used SysApp Remover to take out the Pinyin keyboard and the chinese root explorer, so far with no bad repercussions. 

I'll post again with any problems/delights.   :D


PostScript:  Two months in, and I'm still delighted by harrybao_r3b.  Good battery life, A2SD works as it should, very few crashes (only two I can remember), and very quick!  For my T-Mobile Vivacity, this is the one that stops me dreaming of getting a better phone (almost).

Thanks iharrybao!

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