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Odex Me! and updating/integrating apps in /system ?

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marcuso    4


After I read that using Odex Me! (from kitchen) and odexing /system gives a performance-boost i wanted to give it a try.

I just wonder what happens if

a) i later integrate apps into /system (e.g. with Titanium BU)

B) update apps in /system (also with Titatium BU) - so if for example gmail gets updated and I integrate that update into /system

First I thought I might just need to run Odex Me! again (so .odex-files get updated if needed), but at last for me it seems that Odex Me! is gone after i have used it once ?

Can someone explain to me what the above mentioned usecases would mean for me ? I think that .odex-files don´t match or are missing in those cases ?)



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PaulOBrien    1,450

Yeah, re-installing OdexMe and re-running would be best. Grab the APK from /system using a root explorer before you run it! :D


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stephan702    0

Can i use odex me on different rom ,i download the apk to my phone and push it to system app but when i run the app it does not work.Running android and me version 1.9

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