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New chinese ROM. Lishuo ROM. B895 ! Wi-fi, camera and better energy saving. with supercharger !

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All credit to:


Features (google translator):

B895 compared B892 has WIFI and camera changes, the kernel and some so files changes, I trial I feel pretty good, this version of the pursuit of a smooth power-saving. B892 can also be directly brush the package, After my test did not find what problem. Flavor version has also been issued June 21 [lishuo0427] overseas edition of the original taste of official B895 〓 〓

Welcome attention to my microblogging lishuo0427, have any suggestions or ideas are welcome to microblogging and I discussed my ROM

ROM Profile:

* This package based on the latest overseas edition of B895 official package to streamline and optimize the

The overseas edition of B895 and China Unicom customized version of the B892 on the WIFI and camera changes, the kernel and lib library file changes, or experience.

* Replace the ADW desktop memory for smaller, more fluid

* The IO performance optimization strength

※ open the AMR wideband / HD Audio support, enhance call quality

* Support int.d script, adding that the 2G/3G network optimization script, the effect is obvious, speed significantly speed up

※ to SuperCharger optimization (from XDA) saving you definitely feel the draw! ! ! Recognized as the best optimization method, the effect is significant (script updated version is more effective, faster) - contains the core optimization, memory management and energy saving optimization, basically put an end to crash

supercharger is the control system operation and timely close the redundant process to release memory a script, can accelerate the speed of system response does not increase the excess consumption, therefore please do not scrapping the memory

* Add keyboard light control settings. More convenient and close to open the keyboard light

* By adding an easy to use flashlight

※ system \ etc \ init.d join 50zipalign.sh optimization script after installing all the software to perform a script, reduce the memory footprint

※ optimize the quality of the camera taking pictures

※ to enhance dalvik virtual machine execution memory, running a large program is not easy FC

* Sony engine, and give permission

※ ROOT permissions

※ boot animation is replaced by Huawei's chrysanthemum

※ GPS acceleration, basic can reach the second set



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I cannot test this ROMS anymore, sorry but as I promised I keep uploading cool ROMS for G300 whenever I am able to download them. :D

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It supports data. I'm sure of it. I tried previous versions of this rom and data work flawlessly.

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The APN is incorrect, I never ran the data in a ROM which is based to U8818.


Los APN son incorrectos, nunca me funcionaron los datos en una rom que está basada para U8818.

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Well I tried previous versions of this ROM in a U8818 device, so maybe you can be right. Never tried on U8815 but it should work. Is the same device indeed.

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