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How cool is your Omnia?

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Bonsoir, dear MoDaCo users!

I've got my Omnia now for about a year. All the time, it was boring, and it always looked like... you know what.

So I thought I had to "refresh" my phone by changing theme, installing useful programmes and cool games and make this phone a little "cool" and "modern" (you have to remember I'm still using old original Samsung Rom, BHIC2).

So, now here some pictures of my mobile device.

This is my Today screen. Although there's still this look of the old Windows mobile, it looks better than those 3D-taskbars (I hope you know what I mean).

Well, these are my programmes. Not really exciting, but I thought I will also have to present my programmes if I present my mobile.

And this is the Games directory. You can see the standard games and some HTC games.

The first programme I present is dict, a mobile dictionary that's working very well!

Everybody knows that: Opera mobile 9.5 (this may be the worst browser all over the world, but hey, it works).

And this programme should be known well: PHM RegEdit is one of the most useful programmes available for Windows mobile. If you don't have it, download it now!

Windows Media Player: Nothing new, but with it's Sense Skin by K.Radd it's as cool as the iPhone's music player.

And now, last but not least, YouTube by Google, and I'm not wrong by saying that this application is (almost) standard on Windows mobile phones.

I hope everyone reading this article will be replying to this and insert his Omnia's pictures.

So, this is my Omnia. How cool is yours?

Edit: Thread is closed and images are deleted!


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