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Inbound Calls Failing

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Hi all,

Running GR6 with V20l baseband on a Vodafone(UK) P990

After a bout of moving apps to the SD card to try to speed it up a bit, phone went a bit do-lally (technical term :) )

Tried a few things, mainly re-flashing ROMs, ended up reflashing baseband and then ROM to get things working again.

BUT, since that point the phone refuses to ring for inbound calls. Outbound are fine, as are inbound and outbound SMS's. Inbound calls appear to ring a couple of times and then go to voicemail, which works OK. I tried changing the 'time before pickup' to 25 secs, but behaviour is exactly the same.

On Paul's advice I tried the following:

  • nandroid backup
  • full wipe
  • nandroid restore (everything bar system)
  • reflash GR6 core & stock

No joy.

Is it a baseband issue, in which case what would you recommend?


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All fixed. Flashed a different baseband (another 0725, confusingly) and all appears to be OK. Phew!

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