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Supposed ICS 4.03 alpha for Racer - Anyone can confirm?

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I always follow this forum for Racer Roms. I was waiting for the development of the ICS for Racer, when i decided to look on google for any news from other places.

For my surprise i found a ROM for Racer named ICS 403 Alpha for Racer -

link: http://www.4shared.c...r_ZTE_Race.html

I've downloaded and installed on my racer (gen2) with deadlink patch.

I can't say if this rom is really ICS, but on the screen "about the phone" says this:

Version: 4.0.3

Mod version: CyanogenMod-9.2.0 ICS

Version Number: ice cream sandwich alpha

I was surprised about the settings, that really looks just like ICS, even with 4G settings, but I'm asking for someone who knows the system to confirm.

Thanks, and sorry about the english, because i'm brazilian.

PS: I'm using the rom and until now everything is working

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Sorry, my bad...

But this rom really looks like ics and there some sites saying that is, in fact, ICS.

I doubted, because nothing is so easy...

That's why i asked here.

Thaks for the info.

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its very far from ICS and most of the things look to big for qvga screen.....I'll have a go at resizing it and ask abhi if i can carry on his rom

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